19 November 2007

A visit to heaven

Oh my gosh ! hoe swiftly time flies... it seems yesterday I posted that last blog.
Well, was kinda busy on some personal front this time, visiting my native, meeting the dear ones, roaming around with no work-load, in the serenity of fresh, misty air has it's own blissfulness. And guess wat? Capturing the beautiful, scenic, heaven-like landscapes with the newly owned Canon S3 IS added more fun and happiness to my trip. Yes, finally I made it mine, my long awaited buy, the Canon S3 IS.
I'm posting few of the pictures I took during my visit, hope you guys will rate them and me as well. :)

Visit to my mom's place

God's painting, taken a nite before full-noon

Dabur honey

How is this?

One of the five doggies we hav back home