30 July 2008

Maps : answer to my confusion!

Here's something that may amuse you all. Pretty useful for person like me, who have no sense of direction, whatsoever!
I find remembering the directions utterly uncomfortable. Unless walked for a week regularly, I don't get the idea about how, what, which and where about the place!
But thank god! here's the savior. Dunno about whose is this initiative but it has indeed made my life easier to move around the city! It gives you all the details about routes, place searches, bus routes and even live traffic. What more can I ask?
Here's how it looks like, try it to believe it.

25 July 2008

Five Blasts rock Bangalore

Shit! I'm scared man! there have been 5 serial blasts in Bangalore, around the place I work! :(
The situation is like, whether to stay back at office or to go home.
Normally these people target intellectual properties, you know! Intellectual properties... like me, like my office!
Oh my god! How am I going home today? God be with me. Mommy, I want to go home....
Lighter side of the story: I'm not as scared as I've written above, I simply want to go home earlier than usual, so making myself prepared to skip rest of the day's work! :)
Still, you people around Bangalore, be cautious. That's what I can say.

23 July 2008


One of my friends forwarded me a mail with a chain of Dilbert specials. This(in my opinion) was the best, matching my office life frame-by-frame. I felt, as if Dilbert's creator knows me! :P
On the other hand, I think I'm losing my originality! :(
Anyways, you lot enjoy the post!

Click on the image to enlarge it!

22 July 2008

Meeting place blues

Hee yo people! I've come out of the hiatus, to serve you all! :)
before coming, I thought "comeback post has to be something amusing!", so here is a small work of art from my side.. done inside the conference room, I hope you all must be thinking by now that I was a mere audience. But hey! I had done my part of the briefing(to the Superior), and my creativity oozing out(as always :)), this was the after-effect:

Hope you all will appreciate it! :)
Bye for now