11 December 2007

Day II @ Konnappna Agrahara

The very next day.... I followed the same routine that i had gone thru on saturday. In fact, all my weekends hav gone by similarly.
So after the luncheon in nearby restaurant, we are off towards newly constructed flyover, which now beautifies the otherwise deserted electronics city.
My fren had promised me to show me the "touch-me-not" the other day, so mission of the visit : "touch-me-nots" :)
Reached the side of the newly constructed flyover where a vast area was covered with so called touch-me-nots.
Cameras in hands, mission in minds... :) we start the same monkey business. I took two videos featurin touch-me-nots. And then started capturin the surroundings. We found one tiny flower that was blossomin amidst the touch-me-nots. I stuck myself near it and took its pictures. It was really lovely, here's how it looked like.

My centre of attraction

Now we shifted our focus towards the main attraction, the flyover. The sky was clear, bright blue with some clouds here and there. The sky looked beautiful, decorated by the chunks of clouds scattered around. So I planned to capture it along with the black-surfaced road. So self-timed the camera, placed it in the middle of the road. The result was beautiful.

After that, while returnin back I took this picture. I really liked the composition of the colors it has captured. Really one of the few I've really liked.

Finally sunday has come to an end, I pack my bag again and start my journey towards my cousin's place.
Phew! that was a great weekend...

Visit to Konappna Agrahara

Day is saturday, I start the day rather late than usual, lazin around, draggin my butt around in a very typical "me" fashion. After all the household chores, I pack my bags for a visit to fren's place.
Distance covered. Destination reached. So after the initial hi's and hello's, we climb up to the building's terrace, to get the beautiful sunset frames(We literally climbed up the terrace, for it had a small openin to get thru and the metal ladder we used for the purpose was almost inclined at 80 degrees. :) )
The sun started to go down the horizon and we started clickin pictures vehemently. And shit! my memory card ran out of space and I missed quite a few shots while deletin the old pictures.
Here are few of my attempts to capture that moment.

The sun sets majestically

That's not me, I was busy takin pictures