02 September 2008

The Google Chrome - browser with gears

I have this unfulfilled desire, a desire most of the Technology Labors aspire to achieve, and yours only is not an exception. And this desire increased by leaps and bounds when I read Comics adaptation of Google Chrome - The Web Browser with gears, an epitome of how and on what they work on! And their official blog confirms it!
A common product, if you look at it first, but as I went through it, it unveiled a lot of promises(and I'm sure Google keeps it!).
I think I'm dragging this thing too much so let's break the ice, I'm talking about Chrome - the Google browser with gears!
Tabs have revolutionized and eased the way browser's UI is presented. And Chrome will revolutionize the way tabs will work.
With product as such, Google marks yet another presence in the Internet(as if they din't do anything till now! *poor me*). And the reason they have mentioned to make it open-source, competition, is what left me flabbergasted. Kudos to Google for bringing up the Chrome into the scene in an open-sourced version. May god bless IE. :)
And the best thing is, it's getting released today!