24 September 2007

Chak de India!!!

The date was 23rd September '07. It was quarter past one in the early morning and I was still awake, feelin jubilent, in a festive mood, ready to throw a biiig bash. Only if somebody had been accompanyin me here this late, only if somebody had witnessed what I had, only if someone had felt the same surge of adrenaline that I had felt that time...
Seemed my feelings got wasted just because I dint find an accomplice to rejoice what I'd just watched with my pair of watery, blood0shed eyes(not the aftereffect of boozin but due to stayin awake late..).
I know I cant put my name there on the top with all those maniacs who live by and die for a madness called Cricket, but as far as my enthusiasm for the game is concerned, I'm sure I do fit in somewhere down there in the middle, and I'm dead sure about it.
India pulled off an incredible win against Australia, so called cricketing invincible of modern era. They have monopolized cricket the way brazil have done to the football, Micheal Schumacher had done to the F1. And yet, this happened. Man, it was really worth staying this late. And for us, the Indians... Yes I'm an indian this feeling of Indian-ness, this patriotism was instilled by a movie that I dared to watch yesterday, Chak de india.... I f u haven't seen it, I recommend you to do it as soon as possible. Oh ! And one thing, once my good fren' had tried to enlighten me, sayin movies can be inspirational, they can motivate you. I had rubbished him sayin movies are for fun, for enjoyment, they are monotony-breaker, I had argued, and the very film which was the center of argument was 'Rang De Basanti' Hey boy, now I gotcha, you were correct about the inspiration injectin movies, but still I find it difficult to squeeze out the inspiration out of the movie you had mentioned. May be this has got to do with the universal truth that each human being is unique, so what you found inspirational dint click or for that matter lacked the edge to disturb my deep-seated, undisturbed neurones... :)
Oh gosh! I ran too far out of the track. Okie, so where were we? Ah yes! the cricket that I had just witnessed was one of the best wins that India had registered against the mighty Ozs. And I as an Indian, am proud to be the part of this wonderful occasion. For the people of the country where cricket is a religion, this is a proud moment, but I hear no firecrackers burstin, may be people have lost faith after the world-cup debacle. But for me, this was the reinstatement of the faith, the trust and most importantly the keenness and the interest in the game. I hope, the religion, now again, will find it's way to the followers' heart, after all, the phoenix has started to rise from the ashes. Chak De India!

18 September 2007

The hunt begins

Woah... long time since I last came up with something especial.
Reason for that, well of course, the writers' block mate.... :)
I always wonder why it so happens that one gets lost to one's own thoughts, whenever one tries to do something productive. Or..... is it only me who feels that way???
Anyways, that said, I still try... no matter what, no matter how...
These days, I'm into scavenging the reviews for digicams... but even after nearly 1k reviews I'm unable to zero down my preference. One may find it strange but I've always been an impulsive buyer and this time I wanted to exercise the option and then go for the kill, but you see it not always easy to zero down on one thing... a simple fact of life!
One likes something that one doesn't have, one craves for what can't be afforded. Desire... simple six lettered word yet so strong... so strong to make a person commit a bagful of folly. Philosophies apart, okie the camera, the models that have become the cynosures for me are 3 models. See, even then I dont know which I should choose.
Visited shops... asked shopkeepers... even visited online dealers, still I can't make out, which one to go for.
I'm always confused when I shop, so I pick up everything that comes my way....
Okie then my time has arrived.. to go to the warmth of what ppl call home, and my writers' block is still blockin the brightest of neurones, I gotta call it an end for today.
Will come up with more of my adventures with shopping a digicam in the next write, or who knows may be I'll come up with some fotos taken by that camera itself... But till then, ciao!

14 September 2007


Finally, the urge to write something has conquered the very procrastination that was hindering it, in fact, it wont be justifiable to call it as a procrastination, even then this act of mine falls very much in that same league..... so let's call it procrastination. :)
When I first came to know about the blogs two or three years back(ppl used to call it weblog then), I wondered as how ppl, their mentalities hav evolved with due course of time, from those personal (or should I say, very personal) journals/diaries to the open pastures of blogosphere. One part of my healthy cerebrum thought this blogging as an exhibitionism and the other part wouldn't agree.
Finally my ever calculating, ever manipulating masterpiece came to a conclusion based on some self-derived, self-experienced explanation: indeed the blogging was not about the exhibitionism but it was all about sharing what you have, conveying the trivial information to all those who are not yet privileged and experienced enough to do so.
So hereafter, from this day onwards, I plan to come up with some of the not so much noticed nevertheless quite significant facts about life, for those who need them and for those also, who dont.
Signing off....

13 September 2007

More about me

Loud and gibberish when high, calm and collected otherwise.
Superstitious during crunch times.
Simplicity is the word I would use to describe myself.
Currently spending the most boring days of my life, staying in front of the Workstation all day long, staring it like some maniac and learning the tricks of trade.
I have too many targets set for myself, so a bit confused of late.
I start off things pretty well, but lose single-minded focus in the later stages. This the reason why I've temporarily kept a few of my passions aside to grow as an exceptional individual in a particular trade.
Forgetting and forgiving is not my forte, yet I make exceptions to certain near and dear ones.