14 August 2008

Twin treat this year, on the eve of Independence day

Who would have thought somebody from India would do it! Who would have thought, Tajikisthan would lose hands down!
But India shines, despite the serial bomb-blasts, despite political turmoil over nuclear deal and despite the rising inflation. Abhinav Bindra made us proud by winning us the Gold in Beijing, and so did the lads of Indian football team, by drubbing the holders Tajikisthan by a scoreline of 4 - 1. It marks the rise of another star in making; Sunil Chhetri. I ain't sure how far will he go, but what I am sure about is, India has talents, no two thoughts about it. Only if the talent search would have been a li'l more organized, a li'l more unbiased. Hope everything will fall in place, everybody will know the talent's worth.
A proud occasion for India and the Indians on the eve of this year's Independence.
Let's pray a few more medals are on the way to India.
And last but not the least;

Happy Independence Day

11 August 2008

More photos during weekend

After a pretty long self-induced hiatus, I held my camera with a purpose this weekend, and the results are here for all of you to see! :)
First of them captures beautiful mood of the pups playing;
And this is the last one, near my cousins' place, there is a unused plot, where a non-functioning tractor has been standing still for almost a year now! This picture was taken in color accent(selective coloring) mode.
Hope you all liked few of my work! please pour in those comments if I could have done more justice to these pictures!

04 August 2008

Happy Friendship's Week

So, this week's Happy Friendship's Day week. Everybody says so! I wish a very happy friendship's week to my all my friends, near and dear ones, long lost ones, those who are in constant touch and those who have forgotten the legend by the name 'D'. :)
And I also wish the same to all you readers, and pray to god, may you all achieve everything you wish for!