22 June 2008

Beat this! :)

It was one of the contents of a forwarded mail. But I found it so amusing, I couldn't stop myself from posting it here(even though it was forwarded).

The title of the picture: Parenting is by example
And the headline: Children learn fast. Don't fight at home

20 June 2008

Sticky Notes

Have your even given a thought about how much paper you waste in office? All those meetings, trivial li'l details about your work, everything that you jot down in your notebook, or a sticky note. Now think about it, how much you must have contributed in consumption of paper, and harmed the environment, you paper-scoffer!
So here's the deal, use the e-sticky note. Serves the purpose of a sticky-note, without wastage of paper! And the best part is, it comes for no extra penny, and even better part is it's not a shareware!!! :)
I recently downloaded it, and I'm using it. Here the link to download it: www.tk8.com/easynotes/
Hope you all will!

19 June 2008

Baap of music streaming sites

Tired of searching your favorite songs online? Well, rise and shine, I've a good news for you all. We have a savior now, it's called Songza. The bad news is, you can't download it. :)
But I guess unplug will make our lives simpler. :)
Anyways, it's a good site for all the music lovers. Check it out here.

18 June 2008

Were you involved?

A follow-up for my previous mail. Finally I laid my hands on ff3(for those morons who have no idea what ff3 is, it's firefox 3)!
A mail was waiting for me when I opened my gmail. I clicked on it, and it took me to this page

So I have the new improved version of my favorite browser! with few add-ons. There's really a dearth of add-ons for ff3, but looking at Mozilla's initiative, it wont take long when you'll be using unplug with ff3.
I left you all wanting with the last post, regarding the positives ff3 has brought.
Click here for the complete list.
Finally, the link to download it : Firefox 3
Till then, ciao!

16 June 2008

Firefox3, set for a world record

Yes, it is true. Much awaited Firefox 3, the savior of those, haunted by Internet Explorer, is releasing tomorrow!
I had downloaded the beta, rc3 version from their ftp site, but had to downgrade soon as it didn't have the compatible add-ons. And while trying to hack the browser configs to disable compatibility check, I screwed it up bigtime. My browser wouldn't start, and kept on saying, Firefox crashed!
So only respite was to downgrade it to 2.0. And that's what I did.
Few +ves for firefox 3
  • less resource hungry, compared to ff2,

  • smooth scrolling of the tabs really fascinated me,

  • address bar information, ie, when you type a site address, it not only gives you the site-addresses you have visited previously, but also the details about the site(by details I meant, the site title and sub-title). It also does the pattern matching while you are typing. Pattern matching is done with site address and title, unlike ff2 or any other browser, where you only have address address completion/prediction,

  • And the information on favicon. Once you click on favicon, a window pops up which give you the brief info about the page, how the data transmission is taking place(encrypted or not), etc.

In short, a browser to own.
  • Very less number of compatible add-ons. I hope the developers across the world will come up with the ff3 compatible add-ons soon.

And ff management have come up with a unique idea, to set a Guinness World Record of a top downloaded software. As I found out through the articles, no such record exists till now, so they'll surely achieve this wonderful feat. And here's their page where you can subscribe, so that they can send you a mail, when ff3 becomes available for download!

Download Day - English

So please visit DOWNLOAD DAY 2008 and subscribe yourself and help them achieve their record.

13 June 2008

Lalu follows the pack

After the film-stars, now it's politicians who have embraced the blogosphere. Once hesitant of technology, now a blogger, that's Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav, our very own railway minister for you.
It's not me but this article in Economic Times says so.
And whatever Lalu does, he does it with elan, like his blog. His blog not only has the posts but the audios to go by. Seems whatever Lalu said was first recorded and then later given the form of a post.
People too are interested in his posts and have responded to him, and huge number of comments show it.
By now, you all must be curious where if could be. So here it is.

10 June 2008

The accidental post

Needless to say, I'm short of thoughts these days! :)
It must be because of the lateral pressure I'm facing in my profession, or may be I'm too much into something clandestine... :)
Well, finally Euro '08 has started and after initial matches, it looks like The Neatherlands and Germany are the strong favorites. Portugal holds the edge, but my money's on former two teams. Only problem is, it's ruining my sleep, for I'm awake till 0230 Hrs most of the days, and it's visibly reflecting during my office hours. Power naps they say.. :)
I'm hitting lows these days, and somebody is backing me through and through during these hours of need, I feel so privileged and proud the the way I chose my eternal happiness.
And in between all these chaos last week, Jannat happened. :) By Jannat, I didn't mean the heaven, I mean the Emraan Hashmi starer hindi flick. It's okie. I wonder why people overlook him as an actor! May be because all his movies' songs have done well in the past, and they have so well that they have overshadowed his acting skills. By acting skills I mean they way he does all those useless, leave-your-brain-at-home-to-watch-me-act stuffs.
He acts well, no doubt, but I see something lacking, may be the aura, signature style(barring his kisses, I see no signature style in him) and the star-power. But yet, he's the god's loveliest child.
Long time ago, in one of the stand-up comedy programs, one comedian cracked a joke, here's how it went:
God created the world, and after its completion, he looked over from heaven and thought, wow! what a wonderful thing I've created, now there should be somebody to enjoy this wonder. And then he created Emraan Hashmi, and told him, 'See my child, this is what I've created, now go down there and enjoy its beauty'.

And from that day onwards he wishes he'd never taken that decision, coz Emraan is enjoying more than god himself. :)
Oh yes, we were in Jannat, isn't it? Okie, this movie is good, 2.5 out of 5. Suddenly, Taare Zameen Par's father looks sooo old in this movie. Watch it if you want to see Emraan Hashmi, doing dirty things to this new actress. :)

05 June 2008

Post-IPL euphoria

A euphoria called IPL swept the whole nation by its feet. And importantly, (I think) it thrusted the idea of belongingness to it's Indian viewers/supporters. When people cheered Shane Warne while bowling to Sachin Tendulkar was the kind of change it brought. Quite unconventional, yet feel good change. How long Indian supporters would support an inconsistent team backed by richest sports governing body!
Time was ripe for the supporters to get their support's due, and IPL just did that.
Now Rajasthan Royals happily back with the IPL trophy with them, IPL has silently abated for the time being, promising yet another battle of performers next year. And no doubt, I'll be watching them with same enthusiasm.

The day I saw this ad, I was damn convinced something big was coming our way. And it happened. Every idea behind IPL was innovative and brought smiles in viewers faces. This ad was, by far, the best of the lot. True Indian ad in making. Simply loved it.
This is my small tribute to the ad and people who executed it.

PS: A day after IPL finals, when I reached home after office, I felt so incomplete!

04 June 2008

You call that a news???

See guys, I don't want to call it a news, what do you all have to say?

Adam Sandler raises hair in "Zohan"