12 February 2013

Idiots, idiots everywhere

I always wondered what would I do if I didn't have to go to the office. And I found out the answer; I would go for interviews. :)
So, today was the first one of those days, with several others that may follow. But that is not important, what is important is, like the Ceat tyres ad says, roads are filled with idiots, maniacs with driving licence.
Come on, everyone's in hurry, everyone has to reach somewhere on time, but that doesn't mean you become a nuisance on the road and force fellow drivers to become one.
Most of the drivers, trying to fit their vehicles in a space where it would not fit, honking unnecessarily, cursing each other and what not.
Surely we live in an era where phones are smarter and people are idiots, idiots everywhere.

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