19 May 2009

Just a post

Yesterday, I came across this DVD, How to lose friends and alienate people. I would be lying if I say I really wanted to see it's content except for Megan Fox. Ohh! What a beauty she is! Oh my my!
So it starts like any other movie and ends like one, a loser becomes a hero, gets the girl, gets the life he always dreamed of, et all. Yet there are a few things I would like to make a note of. Kristen Dunst looks beautiful(considering I've never found her pretty) and plays her part very well. Jeff Bridges is wonderful playing the boss who is running the business for the sake of running it. And the protagonist Sidney Young, who always gets into problems because of his never-wait-for-tomorrow attitude, is brilliantly played by a Paul Scholes look-a-like Simon Pegg.
It has one or two nice quotes, one of which is, My glory walks hand in hand with my doom! which of course is taken from the epic Troy. Such was my likeness with this quote that I memorized it once I heard it.
I think I've fondness for the romantic comedies, be it One Fine Day, Heartbreak Kid or anything, I sort of like them. They make a great watch even when you are in deep-shit! That's what I like about romantic comedies.
One thing that always strikes my mind while watching these pretty ladies acting, is; beauty is inversely proportional to the degree of acting skills one possesses, which, of course has one exception; Catherine Zeta Jones. :)
When I was small I had this plan to go on a quest to find CZJ and marry her! :)
You think that's weird? Then see this.
Considering what these GenX kids plan to do, my plan was quite sane for the kid of that age! Don't you agree?

Picture courtesy: http://www.imdb.com/

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