14 May 2009

Things going on!

Well! All I do these days with my blog is change its theme! Sounds so uncomfortable. But that's the easiest thing to do, as compared to writing a post in these time constraints and recession.
Recession has hit really hard. So hard that it reflects in my blog(rather the lack of it).
All these days, I's pretty pleased with reading all the creative writings by other fellow bloggers. Well, with the so little time I get and a mental block, that doesn't want to be shrugged off, there was no other option.
And yes, IPL is happening, and it's happening big-time, the rise of Fake IPL Player is doing the rounds, more scantily dressed cheer-leaders, and more teams vying for the semi-finals berth. It is all happening. As one of the presenters said about the points table, "The middle of table never looked so good. The middle is where the meat is". I couldn't fathom the second sentence!
So, that's the news from my side.. see you all in few!(God knows whether it is few hrs, day, weeks or months)

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